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  1. “Ona jest ze snu” translates as “she is from a dream” or “she comes from a dream” and is a classic Polish pop song. Wilki – Urke (pijemy za lepszy czas) (We Drink For a Better Time) Wilki’s hit song Urke (“We Drink For a Better Time”) is an uplifting Polish pop song containing positive and happy lines.
  2. Polish women are perhaps the most romantic on earth so please do not spoil their innocence with words of love that are not from you heart. Poles are a mix of Western culture and Romantic idealism. I married a girl from Poland, (my other half) and lived there for almost a decade.
  3. Jun 23,  · The main emphasis in many polka songs is the use of one musical instrument – the accordion. Along with the accordion, polka songs can be accompanied by fiddles, clarinets, and rhythm section. The Most Popular Polka Song for a Reception: 1) Beer Barrel Polka – Frankie Yankovic.
  4. A cheerful song recorded by the popular rock band in both a Polish and English version. Both renditions have the same title as each of them features a chorus in which the vocalist Muniek Staszczyk repeats the English expression “I love you”.
  5. The Best Polish Love Songs Ever!- is a compilation released by EMI in early It hypothetically contains the best polish love songs of all the time. Track listing CD 1. Bajm- "Myśli i słowa" Ryszard Rynkowski- "Intymnie" Edyta Górniak- "Nie proszę o więcej" Genre: Pop music, Rock, Jazz.
  6. I sung her a Polish love song We were kissin' in the car park When I heard someone come up behind me Suddenly I'm surrounded by a group of men who what to hurt me They said "You're not welcome in our country. We're sick of givin' to all and sundry I don't work to try and rob I said, "Mr. you wouldn't want my job." And then I'm down on the floor.
  7. Aug 23,  · Try this - "Bo jestes ty" by Krzysztof Krawczyk - it's been perceived by many people as one of the best Polish love songs.
  8. "My Melody of Love" is the title of a popular song from by the Polish American singer Bobby Vinton. Vinton adapted his song from a German song composed by Henry Mayer, and it appears on Vinton's album Melodies of Love. Vinton came up with the idea to adapt Mayer's song while performing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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