Various - Follow Our Trax Volume V - Detour Over The Edge (Cassette)

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  1. Jul 07,  · The 4 trak cassette allowed anyone to learn how to be a recordist. I learned so much, and had so much fun that recording has been a 36 year hobby. I now use a 24 LFAC, and RADAR and some cool outboard. It makes higher quality sound than my old cassette, but I cant say that I have any more, or any less fun now than back in the day.
  2. Roland VS Digital 8-TRACK Audio Recording Station out of 5 stars 3 Tascam DP 6-Track Digital Pocketstudio with Tascam PS-PE AC Power Adapter, Polsen HPC-A30 Headphones & 32GB Memory Card Bundle.
  3. Jul 20,  · A four-track cassette recorder can also be a great “scratch pad” for jam sessions and practices. The advantage of a digital studio, however, is that digital studios provide more sophisticated editing features and pure digital sound for taking a project to the finish line in a professional format that can be handed to any studio executive.
  4. Noise reduction can be switched on or off during the playback or the recording stage. If you are experiencing an over-bright or a dull sound, you can reduce this distortion by using the noise reduction feature. Four-track tape recorder manufacturers. Each company has its own product line of cassette .
  5. Nov 01,  · The unexposed film, tightly gripped at its edge is lowered gently into the cassette well. The cassette is closed by bringing over the back and engaging the locking clip RADIOGRAPHIC CASSETTES BY SUDIL 34 Care of cassettes1. Should be treated gently2.
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  7. Trax Records was an important outlet for house music in its early days, releasing many classics including "No Way Back" by Adonis (), Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles's "Your Love" (), Larry Heard's "Can You Feel It" (), and Marshall Jefferson's "The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)" in the same year. This latter tune gave a.
  8. In some players, there were four coils and the head remained stationary when the direction was reversed. Others had a head that flipped over when the direction was reversed. At least a few old home cassette players had a mechanism to move the tape out, flip it and then replace it to play the other side (search youtube for RX, RX, RX).
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