Zeularaé (Dennis F.s Afro Shock)

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  1. Roy Ayers “Zeularae” (Dennis F’s Afro Shock) (Sfere) Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer “Kò Kò / Jehlaz” (Ibadan) Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer “The Wj” (Ibadan) Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer “Freekoba” (Ibadan) Pressure – Tears For You (Dennis F Drizzle Mix) (95 North Records).
  2. In this case study of an unique instance, effects of medium-energy, high-focused extracorporeal generated shock waves (ESW) onto the skin and the underlying fat tissue of a cellulite afflicted, year-old woman were investigated. The treatment consisted.
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  6. The energy (E) of the applied shock wave is an important parameter for practical applications. It can be assumed that the shock wave only has an effect on the tissue if certain energy thresholds are exceeded. In addition to the time curve of the shock wave p(t) (see Figure 3), the surface A, in which the pressure can be measured, is also decisive.
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  8. occurrence of a shock wave. As the Mach number increases, the shock moves aft and becomes is shown in Fig.4,5,6, Mach number reaches one, the shock moves all the way to the trailing edge and finally,when the Mach is slightly above one, a bow wave appears just ahead of the aerofoil and shock present in the.

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